Construction Management

Our company was founded to bridge a critical gap that often exists between engineering and construction. Terra’s goal is to bring design from the office to the site, translating sound engineering principals into practical constructive applications.

Terra Project Solutions Ltd. maintains an effective ability to plan, execute and complete construction projects by applying well-developed systems driven by a pragmatic, cost saving and on time philosophy.

From Construction Management to Project Management to Contract Administration, Terra carefully plans for quality and safe outcomes.

And it’s our job to manage those outcomes – no matter what exceptions might occur. Our ability to continuously address and redress design and site conditions allow us to precipitate challenges utilizing in situ adaptations and solutions.

Our Construction Management Services Include:

  • Construction Design and Reviews.
  • Construction Execution Planning.
  • Project Controls.
  • Construction Planning and Scheduling.
  • Change Management.
  • Design/Build Services.
  • Resident Engineering Services.
  • Field-Fit Engineering Consulting.
  • Construction Coordination.
  • Construction Supervision.
  • Permitting and Compliance.
  • Construction Inspection and Quality Assurance.
  • Construction Project Performance and Improvements.
  • Progress Reviews, Tracking and Reporting.
  • Cost Estimating and Cost Controls.

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