Environmental Engineering

Terra  has over 25 years of experience  in providing cost effective, pragmatic and functional solutions.  We know the land, water and air.  Our engineering work is founded first on the principles of practical design, integrating technology and experience for the ultimate results.

Terra executes our challenging environmental engineering projects with an integrated approach – building   teams of engineers, technologists and specialists that exceed our Clients’ and Stakeholders’ requirements.

Our engineers are as comfortable in the field, directing operations or scouting out a site as they are behind their desk.

Our Environmental Services Include:
  • Aquatic Compensation Systems
  • (Compensation Lakes and Streams).
  • Hydrology and Surface Water Management.
  • Streambank Rehabilitation and Stabilization.
  • Brownfield Engineering and Construction.
  • Seepage Collection and Treatment.
  • Phase I/II ESA’s and Remediation Design and Management.
  • Landfill and Contaminated Soil Disposal Site Design and Construction.
  • Landfarms. Biopiles. In-Situ Treatment.
  • Contaminated Water Treatment Systems.
  • Mine Site Closure Design and Management.
  • Contaminated Soil Treatment Systems. 
  • Reclamation Design and Management.
  • Dredging Design and Management.
  • Aquatic Contaminated Sites Remediation.

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